Tashtego: The Roll-up Travel Kit to Tame Your Toiletries

Created by Parker Thomas

The Tashtego Travel Kit is the roll-up toiletry kit for avid adventurers. Keep your essentials organized, clean & accessible on the go!

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Estimated Shipping Date: October 2016
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Tashtego Travel Kit
The Tashtego Travel Kit is the roll-up toiletry kit for avid adventurers. Keep your essentials or... more »

Learn About Our Project:

The Tashtego Travel Kit is the first innovation in Dopp kits since, well, that guy named Dopp.  It’s a tool roll for your toiletries. Here’s how it works:

You put stuff in the pockets.  Then you fold down the flap, roll it up, fasten the handy leather belt and off you go. When you get where you’re going, unroll it and, like magic, all of your stuff is right where you put it. Pretty amazing, huh?  It’s that easy.  


The long skinny pockets are for things like toothbrushes and razors. Shorter pockets are for shaving cream, deodorant and moisturizer.  And the zipper pocket is for little essentials (and anything that might explode).  

The fold-down flap keeps all your grooming essentials safely apart.  Your hairbrush can't make out with your toothbrush - no matter how much they want to be together.

Since everything has its place, it’s easy to see what’s missing.  No more forgetting to pack your toothbrush after those one-night st--, um, quick overnight stays.  

The kit lays flat on the counter, keeping germs (and worse!) away.  No counter? Hang it up using the grommet in the corner.   It hangs diagonally so that everything stays in its place.

It is as big as it needs to be.  Short trip? Take stuff out.  It rolls up even smaller so it can It easily fit into your carry on or backpack when you’re on the go.


We believe that gear should not just take care of you, but it should also make you feel good. Every time you touch it. Every touch should remind you of an adventure that you had together. Every touch should make you feel good about your decision to make it part of your life. That’s the philosophy that drives our design decisions.


So our Travel Kit Is made with #10 waxed cotton canvas completely impregnated with a heavy Martexin water repellent wax. This results in a waterproof fabric that feels great and ages beautifully. Best of all, if it needs washing, you just take it out back and hose it off.

It is sewn at 11 stitches per inch using heavy-duty nylon thread double stitched on the corners and other stress points. The grommet in the top right corner has a 5/8 inch interior diameter so most carabiners will fit. We placed it in the top right corner so the whole kit will hang diagonally to keep things in their place. 

The zipper pocket uses an 8-inch metal-toothed YKK zipper in a contrasting color just because it looks good. The 1 inch leather belt is sewn into the back and fastened using a 1/4 inch stud buckle.  We can go deeper-let us know if you have more questions.


Finally, to make sure they work for you, we test our products on the front lines of modern life in cheap hotel rooms, in-law suites, and airport bathrooms. Whether you are jet-setting around the globe or conquering another trail, the Tashtego Travel Kit can withstand the wear and tear.   

I’m a guy who likes to make things. I make pens, knives, treehouses, drones and, now, anything else my kids want to make. But the biggest thing I’ve made is an airplane.


Yeah, the kind you get in and fly. I flew it all over our beautiful country - Death Valley, Maine, Florida, through the Bahamas and other places where the “airport” is really just a patch of crushed coral or a clearing carved out of the forest. These are places where there aren’t mechanics to work on airplanes, so taking tools along is a pretty good idea.

Airplanes can only lift a certain amount of weight and there isn’t much space, so you have to think carefully about what to take and how to pack it. Getting smacked in the face by a floating wrench really hurts.



That’s when I fell in love with tool rolls. Tool rolls can be small, barely larger than the tools themselves, the individual pockets keep everything organized and, since they’re made out of fabric, they don’t weigh much. It’s easy to see if you’re leaving a wrench buried in the grass. Mine didn’t have to be nice, so I usually made them myself.  

 A few years later, frustrated with every toiletry kit I've ever had, I made one for my toiletries. Then a few friends asked for one, then a few more and here we are.  And now I'm making them for you.




We are starting with toiletries for men, but this is only the beginning. Our vision is a company that makes every kind of roll you might need: rolls for tools, knives, toiletries, makeup, art supplies and anything else that needs to be neat, organized and convenient.



Woo-hoo - you made it.  If you join us on this journey,  Here's what's in it for you.



If all backers complete 8 of these activities, we'll give everyone 3 free travel-sized bottles! Just 7 more to go: 
For all photos: Tag @Tashtego on Facebook or @TashtegoKits on Twitter or Instagram 


Well, because we’re just like you. We believe that adventures are what make life worth living, whether it’s an afternoon stroll on the beach or a cross-country trip in an airplane you built. Tashtego started as one man’s solution to a particularly annoying problem. And it’s evolved into yet another adventure. We hope you’ll join us.


 We will use the funds from our Kickstarter campaign to fund the first production run of Tashtego Travel Kits. That’s it. That’s the adventure. Thanks.